This ingenious frame features an inflation bladder using the best available TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) of a quality and thickness far in advance of any other currently used in the inflation awnings market in the UK and Europe. 

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Unique design

Its unique design allows the awning to be filled from one inflation point only (a valve is fitted to each leg beam to assist with deflation) and, if used in conjunction with our 'E-Pump' the awning can be fully inflated in under 3 minutes! Together with our UK-manufactured Marine Grade inflation valves, these high-specification inflation awnings ensure that you can clock up countless long and trouble-free air miles for your awning.
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Fully inflated in under 3 minutes

Fully inflated in under 3 minutes

with our E-Pump

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Lifetime warranty on TPU bladder system

Lifetime warranty on TPU bladder system

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