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Bradcot's Easy Aluminium System Frame is the ultimate in frame technology - offering simplicity, style and strength in a lightweight frame that is virtually maintenance free.  Designed and manufactured in Germany, this example of ergonomic brilliance has revolutionised the way we erect awnings and what's more, it's exclusive to Bradcot Awnings.

If you hate frustration you'll love the Easy System!
It's quite simple! Bradcot's Easy Aluminium System Frame offers rapid awning erection without the usual stress and aggravation that can be experienced with some traditional frames.
Clip in the Hinge Covers (Not required on some models), Hooks and Feet into the pre-assembled frame sections and your ready to go.  Weather permitting, this really does take only minutes to erect.
The lightweight "telescopic" pole section glides smoothly out to the position required.  It's at this point that the frame shows just how clever it actually is.  Once the pole section has been "equally" extended to give the optimum tension, you simply let go of the poles to enable the adjuster to "self lock".  No longer is a third hand required to tighten up a thumbscrew, or that attempt to hold apart tensioned poles using one's thumbnail! 
The image below shows the 3 sections of frame found in a Size 1 Easy Alloy System Frame.  All full awning frames have 3 main sections as shown and for awnings 900cm and up, 2 extra roof bracers and 2 extra legs are included for additional support. (These additional support poles are clamped to the main frame once the awning has been fully erected and pegged).
The Easy System Aluminium Frame is available as an "Optional Upgrade" on nearly all of Bradcot's range, with a few exceptions.  (Not available on Sport or Residencia models, although frame comes as standard on both Atrium 3.5 & 4.5, Portico, Portico Plus and Portico XL)  Advice:  By purchasing the Easy System Frame as an Optional Upgrade, you will pay a fraction of the frame's retail price!  Remember to ask your Dealer for more details.     
There is never a better time to discover the unique Bradcot Easy System. Just three German-engineered alloy telescopic system poles of ergonomic brilliance.


As Easy as 1, 2, 3...
"There is never a better time to discover the unique Bradcot Easy System. Just three German-engineered alloy telescopic system poles of ergonomic brilliance."
The Unique Bradcot
  Easy System Awning frame....

Just 3 parts,
   erected in under five minutes!

No awkward
  tension screws!
To adjust the poles, simply stretch and let go:
a simple do-it-yourself task, with no fiddly buttons or screws. Dismantling is just as easy:simply depress the slide to release tension, and the poles back down within each other, ready to clean and pack away for the next outing.

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