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25mm Easy Alloy 2 Part Pole Section.

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25mm Easy Alloy 2 Part Pole Section (Part 955-62125).


What you are Buying!

This is a complete length of 25mm 2 part pole that would commonly be found as additional roof bracers (2010 Frames onwards), in frame sizes 3 and upwards. (900cm-1110cm).

These pole sections have also used as the "Back Legs in the Portico range of porches from the year 2006 onwards.

These 25mm 2 Part Pole Sections are also used in the legs of a "340/520 Standard Annexe" and the centre roof pole and upright legs only of the "520/580 Tall Annexe" 

If in doubt, please refer to your frame diagram or physically check the very section that needs replacing.

NB. Please salvage any hooks or feet from your old frame that can be used again in the replacement section you are about to purchase.






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