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MODUL-AiR 390 (Patent Pending No.1102970.9)

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Introducing the all new Bradcot "MODUL-AiR" , our exclusive new "extendable" porch awning featuring "Air Inflation"

Ever wished for that extra space when friends and family joined you on your holiday? Or changed your caravan to find the old awning doesn't fit? Well, that no longer need be a problem!

MODUL-AiR's flexibility now allows you to increase the width of your porch awning, or ultimately turn it into a full awning. Brilliant!

The MODUL-AiR's exceptionally clever design has just raised the bar and taken the air awning market to a completely new level.

The MODUL-AiR porch awning, like its cousin the Aspire AiR, is available in 260cm & 390cm base sizes. But here's the difference, it can be used as a base unit only, or it can be turned into a bigger porch or full awning by adding any one, or combination of extensions.




This exciting addition to the acclaimed Bradcot range has been in development for several years and becomes available in early 2016!

As with all Bradcot models, we have avoided sourcing inferior materials from the Far East and use only the highest quality "Ten Cate" European fabrics.

The MODUL-AiR's ingeneous "frame" features an inflation bladder using the best available TPU of a quality and thickness far in advance of any currently used in the 'air awning' market across the UK and Europe. Its unique design allows filling from one inflation point only (more are fitted to assist with deflation) and, if used in conjunction with our 'E-Pump' ,can be fully inflated in under 2 minutes! Together with our UK-manufactured Marine Grade inflation valves, this high-specification product ensures that you can clock up countless air miles with a long and trouble-free life for your awning.

Specifications include:

  • Air Beam technology utilising 150mm diameter main beams (smooth finished)
  • Extendable MODUL-AiR design (patent pending no.1102970.9)
  • Extension sizes (LHF only) 65cm, 130cm,and choice of 2 front closure sizes, 280cm & 305cm.
  • AiR Annexe available (late 2016) - right hand facing only (cost option)
  • Manufactured in 'Ten Cate' touring awning fabric, woven from Spun polyester/spun PVA and then PVA coated.
  • Length of 390cm.(base unit) with 2m internal roof height at front.
  • Projection of 260cm.
  • 10.5mm zips in doors.
  • PVC coated polyester splash-walls.
  • Ventilation windows to each side with zipped weather covers.
  • Additional ventilation above front windows.
  • Removable front and side panels..
  • Inflation bladder manufactured from 0.4mm TPU with a working pressure of 0.3bar.
  • Automatic Marine Grade valve fitted to each upright leg (4) with additional dirt protection cover.(Valve can be serviced and replaced)
  • Single inflation point (valve fitted to each main leg to aid deflation only) 
  • Supplied complete with 7 lt. capacity bellows foot pump. "E-Pump" available as an option.(Highly recommended)
  • Foam filled draught excluders fitted to each side with Easy Alloy back poles included.
  • Storm straps included
  • Adjustable/Moveable pegging 'ladders' around the base.
  • Draught cloth and wheel arch cover in matching PVC coated polyester included.
  • Curtains for all windows in polyester/cotton fitted by aluminium rod system..
  • Full 2-Year manufacturers warranty (canvas body).
  • 1-Year 'accidental damage' cover (conditions apply).
  • Lifetime inflation bladder guarantee (conditions apply). 
  • Actual canvas weight: 390cm - 20.5kg. 

NB. All Bradcot Awnings come supplied with Draught Skirt, Wheel Arch Cover, Curtains with pole system), Pegs, Pegging Ladders and Awning Bag.


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