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MODUS (Patent Pending No.1102970.9)

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 Modus 2mtr Wide Porch Awning. Colour. Pearl/Charcoal Only

(Image shown is the Modus 2mtr wide porch with a 1mtr Extension either side.  Extensions sold separately.)

Modus can now be configured as a "Full Awning"  Click on the text thumbnail and check which extensions you require to fit your Caravan! 





Whether it's for the weekend or for a long stay, the Modus caravan porch awning does it all.  Simply start with the 2mtr wide Modus Porch Awning and then add any of the 3 different Porch Awning extensions  available to create the space that you require.

How frustrating is it trying to find a caravan porch awning that wont run down the middle of your caravan window?  With the various extensions available to the Modus Porch awning, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit of any caravan porch awning available on the market today.

The Modus Porch Awning Extensions are available in 60cm, 1mtr and 2mtr widths and are available in both left and right hand facing.  Add as many extensions as you like!

 The Modus Porch Awning is also fitted with additional piping down the side of each back leg, so not only can the Modus Porch Awning be used as a traditional porch awning, it can be secured into the caravans awning rail at one end, giving the effect of a 3/4 length full awning.

Modus  can also be configured as a "Full Awning" utilising either a 2.65mtr or 2.80mtr Front Closure Extension. Designed to absorb the aerodynamic shape of the front of your Caravan, Modus becomes the truly "Flexible" Awning!

On site for the week-end only, the 2.00mtr Base Unit may suffice, staying a little longer and need more space? add the extensions required. On site for a longer period and need all the space you can get? add the front closure and you have your "Full Awning"!

Last but certainly not least, changing your Caravan? With Modus simply buy another extension or, if down sizing, remove an extension. No need to give your old awning away and buy yet another.

The Modus Porch Awning comes as standard with Bradcot's Easy System Alloy Frame and unlike other porch awnings of similar design, THERE ARE NO GUY LINES REQUIRED! 

Material:  "Ten Cate" All Season Polyester/Spun PVA Coated.

Dimensions:  Height 2.35mtrs-2.50mtrs.  Width 2mtrs.  Projection 2.3mtrs

Removable Panels:  2 Sides, plus roll up front when used with an extension to each side.

Frame:  Easy System Alloy Frame.   

NB. When ordering Modus Porch Awning Extensions, please specify whether they are to be LEFT or RIGHT HAND FACING.

 All Modus and extensions come with our 3 Year Guarantee against material and manufacturing defects. (Limited to use as a Touring Awning)  

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